The Joinpack A-88 Matrix Motor fully automatic machine is high quality strapping equipment engineered to fit your specific needs across the chosen industry. The A-88 model runs at 60 straps per minute using between 5mm-15mm strap width. 70% of the parts are shared with other Matrix Models on offer, allowing for easy and fast servicing. The Matrix series provide 3 to 70 kilograms of tension to be used on a wide range of products. The A-88 model is the most popular of the Matrix models with the fastest cycle time while maintaining high quality strapping. Different options and accessories are available upon request, including a range of arch sixes, one piece tracking for 9/12/15 mm strap width, roller or belt driven tabletop, soft or hard compactor or a stainless steel option.

The A-88 model is currently held on stock and available for on site trials. This also allows for very short delivery time upon ordering. 

  • 60 straps per minute cycle time
  • Capable of running on as thin as 0.4mm PP strap, but recommended to run on 0.6mm PP strap
  • 5mm-15mm strap width options available 
  • One piece tracking system for 5/6mm
  • Flaps tracking for 9/12/15mm, allowing for straight and accurate strapping position 
  • 3 to 70 kgs tension range 
  • 70% shared parts with other Joinpack Matrix model machines
  • Minimal mechanical parts allowing easier servicing and maintenance
  • Heat sealed for maximum efficiency 
  • Auto loading system included
  • Short feeder sensor included
  • Coil and eject system included
  • Looping injector included
  • Different options and alterations can be made upon request
  • Cycle Time: 60 Straps per minute at 50Hz
  • Strap Tension: 8-70kgs for 9-15 mm strap width, 3-30 kgs for 5/6 mm strap width
  • Strap Width: Can fit any width between 5-15mm range
  • Arch Size: Width 650mm x Height 500mm
  • Reel Inside Diameter: 200mm, 230mm or 280mm to be specified
  • Power Supply: 110/220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH or 220/230/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz, 3PH
  • Table Height: 805mm
  • Power Consumption: 0.9~1.0 KVA
  • Layout Dimension: Length 1230mm X Width 580mm X Height 1430mm
  • Machine Weight: Net weight 195kgs
  • Sealing Method: Heating element 


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