• Made Entirely Of Stainless Steel
  • Removable External Throat 
  • Lubricated Metallic Gearbox
  • Sealed Base
  • Thermally Protected Motor
  • Safety Switch
  • Large Feed Pan/Tray With CE Complying Hang Guard
  • Feed Stomper
  • Auger Extractor Wrench
  • Single Cutting Enterprise (1 Plate and 1 Single Cutting Knife)
  • Dual Cutting Unger-3 System: 2 Plates And 1 Double Cutting L&W Germany Knife + Elements To Use Unger-2 Cutting System 
  • Quadruple Cutting Ung er-5 System: 3 Plates And 2 L&W Germany Double Cutting Knifes Including Compensating Rings To Use Unger-2 Or Unger-3 Systems
  • Option M Single Phase  
  • Plates: Enterprise System Ø82.5mm Unger System Ø82mm
  • Tray: 10 litres
  • 3-Phase Power: 1.5HP, 1.1kW
  • 1-Phase Power: 1.75HP, 1.3kW
  • Maximum Production: 300-350kg/hr
  • Net Weight: 44kg
  • Width 310mm Height 460mm Length 600mm 


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