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Perfect Packaging Limited provides high quality vacuum packaging equipment from leading brands in the industry. We supply high performance vacuum pack machines at competitive prices, combining efficiency and durability to satisfy all your vacuum packaging requirements.
Check out our range of TURBOVAC vacuum packing machines from the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of machines to suit any packaging operation. The high quality table top machines and mobile machines suited for vacuum packing in butchers, delis, restaurants and more. The swing lid machines are popular and proven in the larger scale meat processing industries. Our tray sealing machines range in size with gas flush options available for map packing. We also offer a wide range of sizes and thickness of vacuum pouches at competitive prices.
Seal in Freshness
Vacuum packaging is an ideal solution for maintaining the freshness of food products and other commodities with a limited shelf life. It also prevents volatile substances from drying out or evaporating, protecting the product's quality and integrity.
Our vacuum pack machines efficiently remove the air and oxygen from inside the parcel, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi and creating an airtight vacuous environment. This bacterial growth inhibiting property is what makes vacuum seals particularly effective in food storage applications. It maintains the safety of the food while extending its shelf life.
Vacuum seals also reduce the bulk of certain products, making them easier to transport and to store.
Durable Protection
Our vacuum packaging machines provide durable and efficient protection for your products. Vacuum-sealed packages create an effective barrier against excess moisture and temperature changes. In the case of frozen goods, vacuum packaging prevents cold, dry air from affecting the quality of the wares. 
Quality Service
At Perfect Packaging, we pride ourselves in our commitment to high quality services that streamline your vacuum packaging operations. We offer our full expertise and experience to allow clients to improve their workflow and streamline production.
Our friendly staff is always there to give their expert advice and to provide professional service that keeps your vacuum packaging equipment in excellent shape.


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